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Abu-Jamal Moved to Prison Northwest of Philly Convicted killer moved to medium-security prison

Convicted killer moved to medium-security prison
Former death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal has been transferred from a maximum-security prison in western Pennsylvania to a medium-security institution across the state.
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Decision on
Mumia Abu-Jamal Sentence

Philadelphia—The District Attorney’s Office has decided after long and careful consideration, as well as consultation with the family of Officer Daniel Faulkner, that it will not proceed with a new sentencing hearing for his killer.
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Memorial Mass
for Officer Daniel Faulkner

On the 30th anniversary of Danny’s murder

Please join Maureen and the Faulkner Family in remembering Danny at this Memorial Mass. Your presence will show them that Danny is remembered and we are grateful for the ultimate service he gave to the City of Philadelphia.

December 9, 2011 11:00 A.M.
St. Barnabas Catholic Church
6300 Buist Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19142

The Pulse: After husband is
murdered, 30 long years
of phone calls

By MICHAEL SMERCONISH | The Philadelphia Inquirer

In California last Tuesday, Maureen Faulkner’s telephone began ringing at 6:30 a.m. When she looked down and saw the instant onslaught of calls from the 215 and 610 area codes, she knew they would bring bad news. After 30 years, she’s grown accustomed to getting bad news by phone.

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Faulkner: Teachers’ union support for cop-killer outrages widow

Published Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am Maureen Faulkner, the widow of Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel J. Faulkner. On December 9, 1981, my 25 year-old-husband was murdered in cold blood by Mumia Abu-Jamal while he lay wounded and unarmed on a cold sidewalk.

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Head Strong: Maureen Faulkner’s never-ending battle

May 01, 2011|By Michael Smerconish

‘Till death do us part.”

Maureen Faulkner accepts no such limitation on her marital vow, which she recited to her husband, Danny, on Nov. 8, 1980. She knew him for only 913 days, 396 of which they were married, but she views this as an infinite commitment. And when District Attorney Seth Williams called her with bad news Tuesday, she reaffirmed that commitment.
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Vanity Fair’s, “The Famous And The Dead”

By Buzz Bissinger
Daniel Faulkner was a police officer with a square face and arching eyebrows, an everyday cop riding a patrol car in the quirky and restless hours before dawn. Already that night Faulkner had accompanied a seven-year-old alleged rape victim to the hospital. But this was the graveyard shift in the red-fight belly of the city, where the ghosts of the night always came out most vividly-muggers yanking gold chains from necks, runners on 10-speed bikes hired by pimps to make sure the prostitutes were being productive, the flow of beer in sodden after-hours bars.
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