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Murdered by Mumia: A Life Sentence of Loss, Pain, and Injustice

The first book to definitively lay out the case against Mumia Abu-Jamal—and those who’ve elevated him to the status of political prisoner

Here, from Maureen Faulkner and acclaimed talk show host / journalist Michael Smerconish, is the first book to carefully and definitively lay out the case against Abu-Jamal, and those who’ve elevated him to the status of political prisoner. Smerconish, a lawyer, has provided pro bono legal counsel to Faulkner for over a decade and knows both the legal intricacies and personal subtleties of the case like no other person.

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Families Behind the Badge

Families Behind the Badge

Our longtime friends at the Irish Pub in Philadelphia will be hosting a guest bartending night with Maureen Faulkner and the families of fallen...

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THE Daniel Faulkner Educational Grant Fund

Maureen Faulkner wanted to find a way to place a silver lining around Danny’s death, so she created the Daniel Faulkner Educational Grant Fund, a 501c(3) non-profit, in 2000. 

We provide educational grants of all types to children of murder victims.



Without the support of Justice for Police Officer Daniel Faulkner, the Faulkner family – and specifically Maureen – could not afford to keep up the vigilant fight.