Summary of the Eyewitness Evidence:

Mumia Abu-Jamal Remained at the Scene and Was Physically Identified as the Killer By Several Eyewitnesses

Though he attempted to flee, because of his wound Jamal was only able to move a few steps away from Officer Faulkner’s body, where he collapsed on the curb. This fact is verified by the testimony of four of the five eyewitnesses to Officer Faulkner’s murder. The Police Radio Tape Transmittal establishes that after pulling William Cook’s vehicle over and prior to exiting his patrol car, Officer Faulkner requested backup at 3:51:08 AM. The Radio Transmission Log also verifies that the first police vehicle arrived on the scene at 3:52:27 AM, just 90 seconds after Officer Faulkner exited his vehicle to question William Cook.

Based on this information it is clear that less than a minute passed between the time when Officer Faulkner was shot and Mumia Abu-Jamal was spotted sitting on the pavement next to Officer Faulkner’s body, by Officers Shoemaker and Forbes, who were the first officers on the scene. The jury heard Officer Shoemaker state that upon seeing the gun next to Jamal, he ordered him to “freeze.” He further stated that instead of surrendering, as an innocent person would, Jamal attempted to raise his gun and fire at them. According to Shoemaker, as Mumia Abu-Jamal attempted to reach his gun, he chose not to use deadly force to subdue him, but instead chose to kick Jamal in the throat and then kicked the gun away from him.

Officers then attempted to subdue Jamal, who resisted their efforts. After a violent struggle the arresting officers handcuffed Jamal and threw him into the back of the police van that Officer Faulkner had summoned to arrest Cook. (N.T. 6/19/82, 116)

The jury also heard from each of 3 eyewitnesses (Robert Chobert, Cynthia White and Albert Magilton) who stated that just moments after Jamal was subdued, they were asked to look at him as he lay inside the wagon. Each stated that they physically identified Mumia Abu-Jamal as the man they had just seen run across the street and shoot Officer Faulkner. At trial, these individuals again identified Jamal as the killer. Chobert stated that he never lost sight of Jamal from the moment he shot Faulkner until he was placed in the van. (N.T. 6/19/82, 210-213)

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