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Daniel Faulkner.

Justice for Police Officer Daniel Faulkner is a 501c(3) non-profit organized to honor the slain police officer’s memory and to combat the propaganda of those seeking to free the man who murdered him.

Summary of Case Facts



Details and issues surrounding the 1981 murder of Police Officer Daniel Faulkner and the 1982 trial.


Informational files from the case, including trial transcripts and original eyewitness testimony.


Explore and debunk the dishonest propaganda circulated by Mumia’s lawyers and supporters.


Shot and killed on Dec. 9, 1981, Officer Danny Faulkner gave his life to keep our nation’s streets safe and free.

What REALLY Happened December 9th, 1981?

Officer Danny Faulkner joined the ranks of those courageous officers who have given their lives to keep our nation’s streets safe and free.

On December 9, 1981, at approximately 3:55 a.m., Officer Danny Faulkner, a five year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, made a traffic stop at Locust Street near Twelfth Street. The car stopped by Officer Faulkner was being driven by William Cook. After making the stop, Danny called for assistance on his police radio and requested a police wagon to transport a prisoner. Unbeknownst to him, William Cook’s brother, Wesley (aka Mumia Abu-Jamal) was across the street. As Danny attempted to handcuff William Cook, Mumia Abu-Jamal ran from across the street and shot the officer in the back. Danny turned and was able to fire one shot that struck Abu-Jamal in the chest; the wounded officer then fell to the pavement. Mumia Abu-Jamal stood over the downed officer and shot him four more times at close range, once directly in the face.

Mumia Abu-Jamal was found still at the scene of the shooting by officers who arrived there within seconds. The murderer was slumped against the curb in front of his brother’s car. In his possession was a .38 caliber revolver that records showed Mumia had purchased months earlier. The chamber of the gun had five spent cartridges. A cab driver, as well as other pedestrians, had witnessed the brutal slaying and identified Mumia Abu-Jamal as the killer both at the scene and during his trial.

On July 2, 1982, after being tried before a jury of ten whites and two blacks, Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted of murdering Officer Danny Faulkner. The next day, the jury sentenced him to death after deliberating for two hours. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania heard the defendant’s appeals and upheld the conviction on March 6, 1989.

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THE Daniel Faulkner Educational Grant Fund

Maureen Faulkner wanted to find a way to place a silver lining around Danny’s death, so she created the Daniel Faulkner Educational Grant Fund, a 501c(3) non-profit, in 2000. 

We provide educational grants of all types to children of murder victims.



Without the support of Justice for Police Officer Daniel Faulkner, the Faulkner family – and specifically Maureen – could not afford to keep up the vigilant fight.