Myths About Mumia

“Myths About Mumia” exist to debunk the dishonest propaganda that is circulated by Mumia Abu-Jamal’s lawyers and supporters. The goal of this propaganda is to dupe others, primarily young people, into believing that Jamal is an innocent man who didn’t receive a fair trial. Our list of “myths” was compiled from various printed materials distributed by Jamal’s adherents, from books and articles written by Jamal’s attorneys, and legal briefs that have been filed on Jamal’s behalf.



Myth #1

The bullet that killed Officer Faulkner was a .44 caliber bullet, while Jamal’s gun was a .38 caliber.


Myth #2

Several “eyewitnesses” saw somebody other than Jamal shoot Officer Faulkner and run off into the night.

Myth #3

The prosecutor and Judge conspired to “racially stack” the jury in order to get Jamal convicted.


Jamal is a “political prisoner,” who received his death sentence, due to his association with the Black Panthers.

Myth #5

The amount of funding given to Mumia by the Commonwealth (some say 150$) was insufficient to hire experts in his behalf.

Myth #6

The police intimidated and coerced witnesses,  and lost/withheld evidence in an attempt to frame Mr. Jamal and deny him a fair trial.


The Philadelphia Police fabricated a story about Jamal’s confession on the morning of the killing.

myth #8

Mumia arrived at the scene only moments after Faulkner had pummeled his brother with his flashlight.

Myth #9

Mumia Abu-Jamal was not permitted to represent himself at trial, supposedly in violation of his civil rights.

myth #10

Mumia Abu-Jamal’s lawyers argue that his attorney at his 1982 trial, was incompetent.

Myth #11

Judge Albert Sabo was a “racist hanging-judge”, and he orchestrated sham trial that never afforded Jamal a chance for justice.

myth #12

The ballistics testing was innacurate and filled with repeated failures that fell short of the acceptable standard.

myth #13

 Prosecution witness, Cynthia White, was coerced by police into giving her testimony against Jamal.

myth #14

Jamal was an award-winning reporter, dedicated to exposing police abuse and governmental corruption in Philadelphia.

myth #15

The “real killer’s” driver’s license was found in Officer Faulkner’s front pants pocket the morning he was murdered.

myth #16

The downward angle of Jamal’s wound made it impossible for him to have been shot by Faulkner, who was on the ground.

myth #17

Arnold Beverly, “confessed” to killing Officer Daniel Faulkner, claiming that he had been hired by local members of the Mafia and corrupt Philadelphia Police.

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