The Evidence

The trail evidence established that the following occurred on December 9, 1981:


At the 1982 trial four (4) eyewitnesses — none of who knew each other prior to the shooting and each of who was deemed to have testified credibly by the court — stated that they witnessed the following sequence of events:

At 3:51:08 AM on December 9th, 1981, Officer Faulkner pulled a Volkswagen over for driving the wrong way down a one way street with it’s lights off.

William Cook, Mumia Abu Jamal’s brother, was driving the vehicle. He exited the car and shortly thereafter several witnesses saw him attack Officer Faulkner, punching Faulkner in the face.

Several of the eyewitnesses saw Mumia Abu-Jamal running across the street towards the scene with his arm raised. Prior to the police stop of his brother, Jamal was coincidentally sitting in his cab across the street in a parking lot.

From less than two feet away, Jamal fired a shot, which hit Officer Faulkner in the back.

Faulkner was able to remove his revolver, turn and fire one shot at his attacker. The bullet found its mark in Mumia Abu Jamal’s chest.

The wounded Faulkner then fell to the ground.

Jamal stood over the unarmed officer and fired several additional shots at Faulkner’s upper body.

Jamal then took the time to bend down, put the barrel of his gun inches away from Officer Faulkner’s face and fire the final and fatal shot, killing him instantly.

Jamal then staggered several steps and collapsed on the curb.

Just 90 seconds later, police apprehended Jamal, his gun at his side, only a few feet from Officer Faulkner’s body. They then placed him in the back of a police van.

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Without the support of Justice for Police Officer Daniel Faulkner, the Faulkner family – and specifically Maureen – could not afford to keep up the vigilant fight.